A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals in shelters across the state of Michigan.

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Who We Are

Michigan Cause for Paws is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the thousands of animals living in shelters across the state of Michigan.

Our focus is to provide essential supplies like toys, blankets, food and cleaning products to the nearly 100,000+ animals currently living in shelters within the state of Michigan on their journey to adoption and finding their forever home.

In addition to supplying essential supplies to local shelters and rescues, the Michigan Cause for Paws also supports advocacy and awareness to increase the adoption of these animals as well as decrease the euthanasia rate within the state.

A lot of money, time, effort, passion and love goes into running a rescue shelter and saving dogs and cats. Every donation helps. New leashes mean more dogs to walk. New treats can help with training. And every pup and kitten loves getting a new toy! Everything helps and everything is appreciated!


About Us

Founded in 2022, we are dedicated to the mission of supporting the thousands of animals currently living in shelters and rescues to have a better experience on their journey to adoption and finding their forever homes.

Since 2022

Animal rescues are seeing record numbers of dogs and cats returned. And with fewer people adopting, it is putting a financial strain on many of the state's local animal shelter and rescue organizations. This rapid shift is causing shelters to fill up again increasing the need for essential supplies to care for the increase number of animals they are caring for.

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Here are a few of the upcoming causes we are supporting in 2023.

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WAG Animal


Wyandotte, Michigan
Goal: $250
Collected: $100

Friends for Animals

of metro detroit

Dearborn, Michigan
Goal: $250
Collected: $72
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michigan animal Rescue league

Pontiac, Michigan
Goal: $250
Collected: $150
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Upcoming Events

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Amerman Elementary Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

December 9-11

Thank you Amerman Families for your generous donations to Michigan Cause for Paws during this weekend's Scavenger Hunt! We received multiple bags of food, treats, blankets, cleaning supplies and a full bin of toys among other donations. These will go a long way toward helping the animals at the three shelters, Humane Society of Huron Valley, Detroit Dog Rescue and Almost Home Animal Rescue that we are partnering with for this holiday season!

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Goal : $500
Collected : $0
Donation : $0

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